Almost Celebrated New Year at the Hospital

Just right after Christmas day, I had to bring my son to the doctor due to a high grade fever. I was only planning to have him checked at an outpatient department because I thought that it was just a mild condition and that he(my son) can recuperate with just take home medication.

While waiting for our turn to be checked by the pediatrician, my son started to look weak and his fever wasn’t subsiding despite the Paracetamol I gave him. It was when he started vomiting that I finally decided to bring him to the emergency room and opted for his  admission. And so he was admitted, admitting diagnosis: Bronchopneumonia. Good thing the nurse didn’t have difficulty looking for an IV access, he only did it with one stick.

It was December 26th and we were at the hospital instead of enjoying the holiday at home. But not a single regret did I feel in having my son admitted in a hospital. I cannot be more at ease, knowing that my son is being hydrated, treated with antibiotics, closely monitored by nurses with doctors ready available when needed.

Day 2 was okay, my son’s fever was no longer noted. On day 3, the doctor decided to send us home. We were ready to go home, I already packed our things and I was about to pay our bill when he again had a fever. I was then hesitant to bring him home and asked the doctor to have my son reassessed for discharge. As expected the discharge order was held.

Day4 was the scariest part. The doctor told me that he was hearing some heart murmurs (abnormal sounds of the heart). Although he somehow pacified me that those murmurs were probably due to his illness, he called it physiologic murmurs and is nothing to be worried about. Still I couldn’t help but feel scared of the possibility that my son has a hole in his heart. God forbid.

Even if I was quite confident that it was just physiologic, maybe because I always felt God’s presence with us since day 1, and that I knew that He wouldn’t allow that to happen to my son. Still, I had to have a concrete evidence that it was really so. That is why when the doctor recommended  a 2Decho, I immediately said lets do it.

waiting for our turn for 2Decho...

Praise God the 2Decho result was normal. It made us all at ease. It was on December 31st that the doctor finally made a discharge order. And so I immediately arranged for our bill and had it settled right away.

As planned, from the hospital we traveled to General Santos City, to my parents home to witness new year’s eve, the Gensan way! We had a great reason to celebrate and thank the Lord for. My son was finally well and we were able to witness fireworks display again since they banned fireworks some 10 years ago in the city where we live. A reunion with my family only happens once in a while so we savored every moment together.

Thank You God for a Blessed Christmas and an awesome new year!

My son’s admission in the hospital was a learning experience. It made us value good health and time together.


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Bon Voyage My Friend

It’s just like yesterday that I was transferred to a different unit. A unit new and quite strange to me. The Intensive Care Unit. When I was told that I’d be transferred to a new area, an ICU at that, I had some apprehensions. Considering that it’s a critical care area, I would have to adjust with new nurses and a specialized environment at the same time. Mixed emotions as they would call it.

Never did I expect that I would find a family in all of my new colleagues. Life in an Intensive Care Unit is never lax and easy. Like they always say, there is never a dull moment in these areas. That is why having true and funny people to work with is a consolation. It was a blessing in disguise for me being transferred to this area because I got to meet nurses who don’t look at a very busy work the negative way. They always have time to laugh and take things easy even if the going gets tough.

Now that another nurse in our unit is leaving for a greener pasture in another country, I can’t help but feel sad. Of course I am happy that he will have a better chance at a better life, but thinking that I won’t be seeing him around anymore makes me feel lonely. Another friend is leaving me…..I hope I can easily adjust with that because I will terribly miss him.

To Mr. Jamie Legaspino, may you have a good and abundant life ahead of you. Always remember that distance may separate us, but our hearts won’t. I will surely miss you, but be safe and keep in touch. Keep your kind and humble heart intact and always remember to keep your feet on the ground, like the person that you always are.

Bon Voyage my friend!!


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In Time

I feel so lucky to have been granted a 6 days off from work. These 6 days,  I have to savor to the last minute my body can take. I have to make each day count, productive yet enjoyable. I am still on my 3rd day and I’m already wishing for an extension…lol…Well, that’s just a wish.

This afternoon, I, my husband and my sister watched the movie In Time. It was a very interesting  fiction movie. It’s not because it was starred  by two of my favorite stars, Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried but  because it can make you wonder how would you cope if you happen to live in that  world. It tells about reality portrayed in a fiction. In the movie, time was the existing currency. For every commodity, food or luxury you enjoy, you have to pay it with time from your life. What would you do if you have centuries to live or just hours before your heart stops to beat. Lucky for those who can afford to buy time but in the case of Justin (lead actor), he had to live by the day. It’s because he lived in a poor community where working for the whole day is only worth one day of additional life, just enough for food, transportation and other necessities. It pains me to watch how people struggled for time. Even if it is obviously only a work of imagination, still time as money is true. The movie literally Illustrated the saying “Time is Gold”. Well, just watch the movie and see if you can relate.

I wish that all of us have an equal chance at life where the word rich or poor don’t exist. Well, that’s just me, wishful thinking.

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Are you one of those people who feel idle after sleeping half of the day?..I am. I don’t know, maybe it’s just that I feel that life is short and I am not getting any younger that I should make each day fruitful.

Are you also one of those people who consider sleeping as their hobby?..Well, I am too. Why does it feel so good to sleep? I know, probably you’re thinking…of course it should feel good because sleep is tantamount to rest and rest is your body’s way of regaining strength and energy.

If sleep is good for our body then why do I feel guilty sleeping? Maybe because I overslept! lol!…Is there such a thing as oversleeping? Because your body should know that it has had enough and must wake up right?

Ever wonder why you feel so down and tired after waking up from a long sleep especially in the afternoon? Research says that oversleeping is a sign of depression; they say that it’s the same as over eating. Sleeping is like a way of escaping from reality. But I beg to disagree! Sleep is part of our physiologic needs. Everybody needs to sleep! What can you do if your body feels so tired and is telling you to go find a bed! I believe that having the luxury of time to sleep is one of the greatest privileges one can have. So better grab it when it’s there for the taking.

What I am saying is that, I you feel like sleeping…then sleep. Wake up without feeling guilty and thank the Lord for the renewed strength to make you become even more productive. As long as you are not forgetting to do your responsibilities, sleeping is cool. Have a good and restful sleep everyone!!

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Homesick No More

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My best friend from the US seldom calls me, and if she does, we always have to talk fast and straight to the point because she has a very limited time to talk since she didn’t want to spend hundreds for her telephone bills. That is why even if we really miss each other so much, we just have to settle with what she can afford.

Until lately, I have noticed that her calls have been quite often and unlike before, she doesn’t sound in a hurry anymore. If last time we could only talk for 5 minutes, now we can just talk about anything for almost an hour. We became more updated with our where about, She can call me anytime she needs my support when she’s feeling homesick and lonely. It was very convenient for the two of us, not having to make do of what little time her budget permitted her before.

Out of gratitude, I thanked her for always keeping in touch. But she surprised me with her answer… “Ellinor, thank Smart Talk!”. Then she explained to me further about how Smart Talk have helped her reach out to us, especially in her loneliest times. Smart talk made her adjustment period in the US a lot easier since she can always call us for support. Aside from that, Smart talk requires a cheap monthly bill ($45/month), using The power of Android, with unlimited use. I was amazed with how such company can give this great offer, especially to those who have very limited budget. Even if you are not that well off, you would Feel Richer with Android.
The getting richer effect has expanded… by LittleBard95

I’m glad she found Smart Talk. It makes me feel at ease that she can call us anytime especially that she is alone right now. How I wish that we also can have a network as cool and affordable as Smart talk where you can have all the applications and games you want. It’s always cool to have a smart phone with a smart plan without the hassle of having a contract. In that way, I can also reach her and my other friends from around the world.

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Small But Terrible

Yesterday, I was stunned by how erratic a patient’s vital signs can go. In a span of 15mins, her BP went from 200/100mmHg to 60/40mmHg. Her blood sugar was high as 375 mg/dl only to go down to 60 mg/dl after a few minutes. The doctors couldn’t decide on whether to start the patient on antihypertensive drips or give her inotropics to increase her blood pressure, on whether to give her insulin drip or glucose water bolus.

Pheochromocytoma, a tumor of the adrenal gland. That was the culprit of it all. The tumor had largely affected her adrenal glands causing it to secrete abnormally large or small amounts of cathecholamines (epinephrine, norepinehrine and dopamine). Imagine your body to have a swing from extreme adrenaline rush to sudden drop in vital signs and blood sugar. Your systems can get confused and eventually get fatigued and give way….let go.

I am new to this type of case since only about 10% of pheochromocytoma are malignant, which is the case of my patient. As sadly expected, the patient did not make it.

It made me wonder, how can such a very small gland get corrupted by a cancer cell, I mean it could have chosen bigger organs, why, in all areas, did it choose to land on a very tiny part? And I was amazed by how such a very small part of our body can cause our lives. I guess, I will never know the answer unless I do a comprehensive research about it, which I don’t have plans of doing.

Well, to relate this situation to our feelings and dispositions. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to think that we don’t matter. Don’t allow others to step down on us. Never limit our self by thinking that we are good for nothing, because no matter how small we think we are, there will come a time that we will affect someone else’s life bigtime!

We should also learn to value things no matter how small or insignificant they are. We might never know, their presence could mean more that we ever expected..

Let us learn to appreciate things, big or small, they all should be treated the same. God Bless.

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Work Hazards and The Significance of Supportive Loved Ones

Being exposed to different diseases and having to do tasks which require physical  strength, predisposes a nurse to different hazards.

Being physically stressed, our immune system gets compromised. Exposed to different diseases, with a low immune system is  not good. This is a sad reality that health care workers have to battle with everyday at work.

Vitamins, lots of rest and sleep help a lot. So If you are a spouse of a healthcare worker, make sure that you give your partners time to rejuvenate and recover from stress at work.

Yesterday, my low back pain started to interrupt with my work. Thanks to my ever loving husband who volunteered to do a gentle massage on my back. A surprising gesture like this can give a very stressed person comfort and feeling of security that even if work often gets tough and rough, there would always be someone waiting for us at home to give us love and lots of love!!!!

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