Warning: This post is only for those who have an open mind and have the capacity to create a paradigm shift from the norms set by our biased society. This article is not made to make you stumble in your belief and perspective in the art of getting what you want. This is written to empower women and holds nothing against the opposite sex.  But if you are a male chauvinist, please don’t continue to read (except if you’re prepared to have a cerebral hemorrhage! at your own risk then…)… Thank you very much.

Well, hello Independent Woman!!!….. This post is for you…. But first you have to say “Veni, Vidi, Vici!”


(From the best seller series LOTHARIO…Desiring Drew)

Imagine this. He comes crawling to lick your toes at the snap of your fingers. He waits patiently for you to finally shift your attention to him.  He asks you nicely and reverently what you want.  You tell him and he listens and takes everything you tell him to heart.  He obliges all your wishes humbly with everything in him.

A fantasy you might say. It doesn’t happen in the real world. But why can’t it happen?  Why can’t we rule this planet for a change?  We are certainly equipped for the task.

More often that not, even the most liberated Pinays settle for second or third best, not really their first choice of mates because they bulk at the idea of actually pursuing their dream men like that- like a dream, like a goal, like an ambition.

Society dictates that it is degrading to go after a man. It reeks of desperation.  But when a man pursues a woman with typical male aggressiveness, he becomes more appealing to the opposite sex.  The hunter gets his prey, as it should always be since time immemorial. Now, that has always been a major crime in Planet Venus. And the worst part there is we are the ones who uphold such crime by refusing to move away from that mold society has imprisoned us in, though no choice of our own. But now, for crying out loud, we already have it! The choice!

So you may ask yourself, why can’t I choose my mate? And why would my choice of a mate run from me when I decide to choose him? Shouldn’t he stay put and consider my proposal like a practical businessman? After all, I am offering him the best of me. The answer is yes, he damned well should! And by God, you would make him listen!

We work so hard to make our individual marks in this world, to prove our worth. As independent women, we aim for financial stability, to have our dream house and car, to travel abroad, to get promoted at work. Not having any ambition is a crime to most modern Filipinas.

So why not apply the same principle in getting the man of our dreams?  Don’t we deserve to choose who we want to be with rather than wait for anybody who has the guts to approach us whom we don’t often like anyway- and go for whom we really want?  Why does this privilege only favor the men when we can avail of this freedom if only we have the courage to be truly free?

Why don’t we become the hunter for a change? yeah, the aggressor. The dominant species. The predator. The ruler of this planet!

Take this. A woman can achieve multiple orgasm. A man cannot. A woman can procreate using only one sperm. Even with a healthy egg at hand, a man is not physically equipped to carry a life within his body. Eve made made Adam bite the apple and caused the damnation to mankind.

Come on, do we need more stats, ladies?

The planet is ours, actually, since the dawn of time.  We have always been the stronger species.  Never ever think that you owe anybody the right to be who you really are, what  you want to be and what you want to have.

Be yourself.

Own your space.

Set your sights on him, your perfect mate and say the magic words,”Veni, Vidi, Vici!”

Go get him, girl!

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35 Responses to JANE, KING OF THE JUNGLE

  1. well, you’ll still need that one sperm… but then again, there is always cloning… not sure if it’s already a perfected technology but who knows in the future… man will become an asexual being… now, where is the fun in that… O_o

  2. markpogi says:

    I think I’m beginning to have a cerebral hemorrhage! Just kidding.

    I agree that a woman at times dominate over men and that should be something to give respect to. ^_^

  3. we have the decision to if either tayo ang lumapit sa guys or hindi.. we have our own beliefs, I was once that old fashioned Filipina, but as i grew older, that changes mas lumawak ang pagiisip ko tungkol sa mundong gingalawan natin.

  4. unasalahat says:

    Lets face it, Woman’s life is much colorful when Men are around…

  5. In this era, I have to admit, the females are overpowering the males. This is an eye-opener even for men. Maybe certified make chauvinists, though free to skip this, read this as well.

  6. edmaration says:

    I think everyone just needs to respect others whether you are a male or a female, in the long run we are all equal. It is just the culture that makes gaps in between. Just be open-minded and never think that the other gender is above the other.

  7. Stacy says:

    I’m always independent. Tapos na ang era na ang guys ang dominant and in control. Mas masisipag at magagaling na ang mga babae eh.

  8. Kathy Ngo says:

    Wow! Ang galing. I’ve been liking this guy for 1.5 months and we’ve gone out 4x. Ni hawak ng kamay ko he hasn’t done. I’ve given him hints. Now, I just wanna ask him outright, “do you like me or not?”

    Sigh. Wish I could just do that.

  9. dg formoso says:

    Men or women= human beings! We are all EQUAL.

  10. sionee says:

    this is really girl power! 😀 I love this post!

  11. Haha this was an enjoyable read! Although I still prefer the old-fashioned way, where I get to be chased instead of me doing the chasing. It makes me feel more feminine. 🙂 But that’s just my own opinion and it really doesn’t matter much.

  12. tumandok says:

    You’re free whatever you want. Man is also free to do what he wants. You might wonder when there’s article written that says: “Tarzan, Queen of the Jungle” for it is possible, Isn’t it?

  13. germz says:

    ei im looking for nurses blogs, mind having link exchange? i got a nursing niche as well

  14. marrimye says:

    I was so entertained with this post.
    We are born women and they are born men.
    The absence of the first will not challenge the latter.
    We may claim that we are the stronger specie but
    how we can we know strength if nobody is WEAK…
    HAhahahaha! yun pa rin ang kinalabasan… mas
    MAHINA pa rin sila.

    PEACE tayo! 🙂

  15. Hilda says:

    I agree. I don’t care what society thinks, if I see a guy I like, I’m going to approach him, I will be the hunter. If he doesn’t like me, I wouldn’t be desperate, I will leave him, plenty of men in this world. Ever since the cavemen era and the past before woman’s rights, women were treated as inferior. They were like objects, and objects do not walk towards people they sit on a table to be admired, to be picked up. This is why women in the past do not hold positions or important jobs, everything go to the men. Now a days, women hold CEO positions and other very important task, so because we break free as the “object” it is only right that we too can be hunters.

    I have to say, I have the worst game when it comes to guys, here is my pick up line:

    me: hey did you fart??

    cute boy: No

    me: well you sure blew me away

  16. Franc Ramon says:

    Well, it’s a more liberated world now. Women can do stuff men does and vice versa and I guess the key is be able to co-exists as equals.

  17. amayachika says:

    I have to say this, I myself have that notion that WOMAN is more POWERFUL than man. Not physically but emotionally. I am with you Sis. GIRL POWER!

  18. KHAKINESS says:

    I love this post, though I don’t necessarily agree that one gender is/must be more dominant than the other. It’s our society that dictates patriarchy, really. In relationships, I’d like to think that it’s more harmonious if you treat the opposite sex as an equal rather than as someone above or below you.

  19. Renz Bulseco says:

    This article blew me away! Wow!

  20. Ted Claudio says:

    When a girl likes someone, then go for it! Nothing wrong with the reversal of the traditional roles. It might make things simpler.

  21. Girl power indeed. There are things that girls kinda overpower the guys. But I think at these days, all are fair and equal regardless of the gender.

  22. very well said.. everyone is created equal.. the planet is ours- i like that! 🙂

  23. Guys get scared off if their women is more empowered over them, then they blame it to the girls. Just because their ego gets hurt and the manliness factor feels diminishing.

    There’s also a notion from older people that chasing after a man makes you look desperate. Or when your partner tells you that he should be doing the things you are doing in a relationship. What do I say? “If I don’t make a move, who will?”

  24. abanhag says:

    i remember i had this stage in my life i wanted to break free, take matters in my own hands, break the norms… i did… well of course my story had drifted diffe
    rntly than i expected… but it was liberating… in he end, what really important is knowng what you really want… and if you can be the hunter than the prey, why not?

  25. Teresa Martinez says:

    Without being too dependent or clingy, I have always been happier having my man on my side.

  26. I say I’m Miss Independent (quoting Ne-yo on that one, LOL!) still we need a man and I liked to be chased rather than me chasing parang ang haba lang kasi ng hair ko kapag ako hinahabol, hahaha!

  27. I sooooo love your attitude and way of thinking! I believe that we truly are the strongest specie, as we’ve been equipped to bear as many children as we can.. while holding titles to our jobs, or life in general. Although I have no intentions of bringing forth an undermining feeling to men — but they should really show much more respect to us, as we’re very much capable of giving the whole world to them! 🙂

  28. lovemindanao says:

    time is not the same as before .. things evolve and now women are of the same level as men if they knew how to be in control but not necessarily to void the ego of the men.. there are ways …

  29. Divine says:

    I couldn’t disagree! Hahaha! But of course, we have our limits naman.

  30. ventocoseuss says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.. Ladies, there are times that even guys don’t have the urge to ask for a woman’s heart. Hehe. And I think, that my opinion on that is, both have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the “L” word, and both also have the right to look for the person whom they are going to be with in the future.

    I shouldn’t (and wouldn’t) say that women should be the one pursuing. Magmumukhang mahangin naman ang mga “Mars”. Pero, hindi ko din naman kayo pipigilan if you would like to approach a man, and do it.

    Ang hirap. Ang hirap magtanong kung gusto ka nga ng isang tao. I am speechless everytime, to the point na may ibang tao na na naka-dagit sa kanya. hehe. Torpe lang.

    Again, it’s a free society and a free country, but we also need to be responsible of our actions. 😀

  31. markpogi says:

    In this 21st century, Women Power is already in play in a dominant world of men.

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