Almost Celebrated New Year at the Hospital

Just right after Christmas day, I had to bring my son to the doctor due to a high grade fever. I was only planning to have him checked at an outpatient department because I thought that it was just a mild condition and that he(my son) can recuperate with just take home medication.

While waiting for our turn to be checked by the pediatrician, my son started to look weak and his fever wasn’t subsiding despite the Paracetamol I gave him. It was when he started vomiting that I finally decided to bring him to the emergency room and opted for his  admission. And so he was admitted, admitting diagnosis: Bronchopneumonia. Good thing the nurse didn’t have difficulty looking for an IV access, he only did it with one stick.

It was December 26th and we were at the hospital instead of enjoying the holiday at home. But not a single regret did I feel in having my son admitted in a hospital. I cannot be more at ease, knowing that my son is being hydrated, treated with antibiotics, closely monitored by nurses with doctors ready available when needed.

Day 2 was okay, my son’s fever was no longer noted. On day 3, the doctor decided to send us home. We were ready to go home, I already packed our things and I was about to pay our bill when he again had a fever. I was then hesitant to bring him home and asked the doctor to have my son reassessed for discharge. As expected the discharge order was held.

Day4 was the scariest part. The doctor told me that he was hearing some heart murmurs (abnormal sounds of the heart). Although he somehow pacified me that those murmurs were probably due to his illness, he called it physiologic murmurs and is nothing to be worried about. Still I couldn’t help but feel scared of the possibility that my son has a hole in his heart. God forbid.

Even if I was quite confident that it was just physiologic, maybe because I always felt God’s presence with us since day 1, and that I knew that He wouldn’t allow that to happen to my son. Still, I had to have a concrete evidence that it was really so. That is why when the doctor recommended  a 2Decho, I immediately said lets do it.

waiting for our turn for 2Decho...

Praise God the 2Decho result was normal. It made us all at ease. It was on December 31st that the doctor finally made a discharge order. And so I immediately arranged for our bill and had it settled right away.

As planned, from the hospital we traveled to General Santos City, to my parents home to witness new year’s eve, the Gensan way! We had a great reason to celebrate and thank the Lord for. My son was finally well and we were able to witness fireworks display again since they banned fireworks some 10 years ago in the city where we live. A reunion with my family only happens once in a while so we savored every moment together.

Thank You God for a Blessed Christmas and an awesome new year!

My son’s admission in the hospital was a learning experience. It made us value good health and time together.


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18 Responses to Almost Celebrated New Year at the Hospital

  1. ralph says:

    i’m just glad our son’s alright… the Lord is really good to us… Yahweh bless.

  2. Yuu Ki says:

    we always celebrate Christmas and New Year each year, it’s the family member’s health that is most important…glad to hear ur son is ok now…

  3. Morion says:

    Sori to dows n ayw s fireworks but i found it as tradition and spice ng celebration,,, parang indi kumpleto ang celeb ng new yer(n once in a yer lng) qng wlang paliwanag at pabongga sa kalangitan jejeje hapi new yer

  4. may you and your son continue to have good health… it’s a great start of the new year. (i wonder why fireworks was banned?)

  5. You really celebrated the New Year with much gratitude as we all should. I am so glad that your son recovered well. Nice story!

  6. I am happy your son is now ok. It is one story I will also be writing her and be proud to share. If id be at your shoes, il do that same. What heck of the holidays be enjoying when our family is not feeling well.

    God bless you and your family.

    Dr. Wends of

  7. sionee says:

    I am sorry to hear that you’ve spent days in the hospital. And I hope and pray that he’ll recover completely. As a parent, it is very hard to see our child/ren suffering from an illness.
    Take care and God bless! 🙂

  8. That’s life. Everything is beyond expectation, especially when you’re enjoying the holiday. God is so kind that your sick son was properly attended by a nurse who is so helpful. Thank Him for the trial He has given you, that is, to test how strong is you with faith with Him. God bless!

    More on my post:  RandomThoughts!

  9. jhackie says:

    good your son was fine now . I guess we should always look at the positive side of any situation. I’m happy you still got the chance to attend your reunion

  10. FranCis says:

    Thank God your son is ok now, God Bless you and your family!

    Read my Poem: Flair Connection

  11. Cha says:

    God is good all the time! It is good to know that your son is alright. And you and your family celebrated New Year happily together! Good Health is really Wealth!

  12. joy says:

    in life we cannot expect it to be always happy, sometimes trials are given to let us realize some things, to make us stronger and gain wisdom 🙂

  13. Jonathan says:

    It’s a good thing that he’s alright now! Hope he stays that way, and it’s great that you were able to spend New Year away from the hospital!

  14. Cha says:

    It’s a good thing that your son was healed right in time for the New Year. God is good all the time!

  15. Jhen says:

    Cheers to good health, family and a happy life! ❤

  16. jared's mum says:

    there is nothing more stressful to us moms than our children getting sick. it was a good thing the heart murmurs are only due to his ailment. it was indeed one great reason to celebrate + welcome the new year!

    i hope your little one’s getting better….

  17. May says:

    Glad your son is better and true, no regrets dapat at pinakamabuting desisyon pa rin na magpa admit. Keep your chin up for the new year, hope it turns out better!

  18. Boris says:

    Good thing nothing happened bad to your son. Had a mild fever, and vomiting that eventually went away. The holidays won’t be a holiday if we’re worried, right? Good job for taking him to the hospital 😀

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