Bon Voyage My Friend

It’s just like yesterday that I was transferred to a different unit. A unit new and quite strange to me. The Intensive Care Unit. When I was told that I’d be transferred to a new area, an ICU at that, I had some apprehensions. Considering that it’s a critical care area, I would have to adjust with new nurses and a specialized environment at the same time. Mixed emotions as they would call it.

Never did I expect that I would find a family in all of my new colleagues. Life in an Intensive Care Unit is never lax and easy. Like they always say, there is never a dull moment in these areas. That is why having true and funny people to work with is a consolation. It was a blessing in disguise for me being transferred to this area because I got to meet nurses who don’t look at a very busy work the negative way. They always have time to laugh and take things easy even if the going gets tough.

Now that another nurse in our unit is leaving for a greener pasture in another country, I can’t help but feel sad. Of course I am happy that he will have a better chance at a better life, but thinking that I won’t be seeing him around anymore makes me feel lonely. Another friend is leaving me…..I hope I can easily adjust with that because I will terribly miss him.

To Mr. Jamie Legaspino, may you have a good and abundant life ahead of you. Always remember that distance may separate us, but our hearts won’t. I will surely miss you, but be safe and keep in touch. Keep your kind and humble heart intact and always remember to keep your feet on the ground, like the person that you always are.

Bon Voyage my friend!!


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2 Responses to Bon Voyage My Friend

  1. Maricel says:

    Yes, it’s always a blessing to be able to work with people you have fun with.

  2. Jenn says:

    Hopefully you will make new friends in your new unit?? And you’re friends can’t be very far away–right? Cheers, Jenn.

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