In Time

I feel so lucky to have been granted a 6 days off from work. These 6 days,  I have to savor to the last minute my body can take. I have to make each day count, productive yet enjoyable. I am still on my 3rd day and I’m already wishing for an extension…lol…Well, that’s just a wish.

This afternoon, I, my husband and my sister watched the movie In Time. It was a very interesting  fiction movie. It’s not because it was starred  by two of my favorite stars, Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried but  because it can make you wonder how would you cope if you happen to live in that  world. It tells about reality portrayed in a fiction. In the movie, time was the existing currency. For every commodity, food or luxury you enjoy, you have to pay it with time from your life. What would you do if you have centuries to live or just hours before your heart stops to beat. Lucky for those who can afford to buy time but in the case of Justin (lead actor), he had to live by the day. It’s because he lived in a poor community where working for the whole day is only worth one day of additional life, just enough for food, transportation and other necessities. It pains me to watch how people struggled for time. Even if it is obviously only a work of imagination, still time as money is true. The movie literally Illustrated the saying “Time is Gold”. Well, just watch the movie and see if you can relate.

I wish that all of us have an equal chance at life where the word rich or poor don’t exist. Well, that’s just me, wishful thinking.

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4 Responses to In Time

  1. maiyang1902 says:

    I didn’t really find that movie as interesting as I thought it would. it did not disappoint me either. althu, I would prefer they titled it with “Chasing Liberty” hehe!

    the only reason I watched the movie was because of Matt Bomer =))

    • raeljustin says:

      thanks for dropping by Mai
      Well, I just think that the concept is very interesting…
      Chasing Liberty is cool, it’s just that there is already a movie with that title starring Mandy Moore, which I also got to watch.hehehe
      The cameo appearance of Matt Bomer was worth watching the movie alright,hahaha…such a hunk indeed!

  2. trunklocker says:

    nice movie… valuing time… literally (lol). let’s make use of our time wisely and productively… enjoy life and live your life according to God’s way… we have only a life to do all of these… Yahweh bless.

  3. Been hearing a lot about this movie lately … and hey, I’ll be on a four-day weekend next week, too. 😀

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