Are you one of those people who feel idle after sleeping half of the day?..I am. I don’t know, maybe it’s just that I feel that life is short and I am not getting any younger that I should make each day fruitful.

Are you also one of those people who consider sleeping as their hobby?..Well, I am too. Why does it feel so good to sleep? I know, probably you’re thinking…of course it should feel good because sleep is tantamount to rest and rest is your body’s way of regaining strength and energy.

If sleep is good for our body then why do I feel guilty sleeping? Maybe because I overslept! lol!…Is there such a thing as oversleeping? Because your body should know that it has had enough and must wake up right?

Ever wonder why you feel so down and tired after waking up from a long sleep especially in the afternoon? Research says that oversleeping is a sign of depression; they say that it’s the same as over eating. Sleeping is like a way of escaping from reality. But I beg to disagree! Sleep is part of our physiologic needs. Everybody needs to sleep! What can you do if your body feels so tired and is telling you to go find a bed! I believe that having the luxury of time to sleep is one of the greatest privileges one can have. So better grab it when it’s there for the taking.

What I am saying is that, I you feel like sleeping…then sleep. Wake up without feeling guilty and thank the Lord for the renewed strength to make you become even more productive. As long as you are not forgetting to do your responsibilities, sleeping is cool. Have a good and restful sleep everyone!!

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