Small But Terrible

Yesterday, I was stunned by how erratic a patient’s vital signs can go. In a span of 15mins, her BP went from 200/100mmHg to 60/40mmHg. Her blood sugar was high as 375 mg/dl only to go down to 60 mg/dl after a few minutes. The doctors couldn’t decide on whether to start the patient on antihypertensive drips or give her inotropics to increase her blood pressure, on whether to give her insulin drip or glucose water bolus.

Pheochromocytoma, a tumor of the adrenal gland. That was the culprit of it all. The tumor had largely affected her adrenal glands causing it to secrete abnormally large or small amounts of cathecholamines (epinephrine, norepinehrine and dopamine). Imagine your body to have a swing from extreme adrenaline rush to sudden drop in vital signs and blood sugar. Your systems can get confused and eventually get fatigued and give way….let go.

I am new to this type of case since only about 10% of pheochromocytoma are malignant, which is the case of my patient. As sadly expected, the patient did not make it.

It made me wonder, how can such a very small gland get corrupted by a cancer cell, I mean it could have chosen bigger organs, why, in all areas, did it choose to land on a very tiny part? And I was amazed by how such a very small part of our body can cause our lives. I guess, I will never know the answer unless I do a comprehensive research about it, which I don’t have plans of doing.

Well, to relate this situation to our feelings and dispositions. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to think that we don’t matter. Don’t allow others to step down on us. Never limit our self by thinking that we are good for nothing, because no matter how small we think we are, there will come a time that we will affect someone else’s life bigtime!

We should also learn to value things no matter how small or insignificant they are. We might never know, their presence could mean more that we ever expected..

Let us learn to appreciate things, big or small, they all should be treated the same. God Bless.

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24 Responses to Small But Terrible

  1. Mai Yang says:

    very well said =))

  2. joomlaguro says:

    exercise and lessen food intake..:)

  3. Sionee says:

    Let’s be contented and thankful of what we have. Appreciate God’s given gift..and inspire others. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Sionee says:

      This is what I always tell my daughter. Be thankful now that you are healthy. There is a reason why God gave us healthy body. We have to use it in ways He wants us to.

  4. Violy says:

    Thanks for this post it’s so Inspiring. Sometimes we feel insignificant because we are not valued by a particular person but we forgot to look around and appreciate those people who truly love us… Thanks…

  5. Sumi says:

    This is true. Sometimes, the small things are the ones that really have great impact in our lives. That’s why I always make it a point to appreciate and value everything that comes my way, no matter how big or small they are. Thanks for posting this. It somehow served as a reminder to always be thankful and live life.. 🙂

  6. That’s a nice thought to ponder upon. 🙂 Even the God know the birds that fall and the number of your hair. They may seem insignificant but He cares more than humans can imagine.

  7. Julie Ann says:

    Well, no matter how difficult and challenging life is, there is always something that we should be thankful for. Sometimes there are things that we just ignore thinking that it’s just small and irrelevant. But in the end, we will realize, that small thing that you ignored long ago is the ONLY thing that you needed to complete your life’s puzzle. -Appreciate-.

  8. Amor says:

    I love the last two sentences… thanks for sharing this!

  9. Everything God has created is for us to benefit. Whether great or small, it has a purpose. So let’s obey what God has commanded us. Let’s not abuse the nature. Let’s conserve them for the future. In like manner, if we want to live longer, let’s be wary of our intakes. The things we eat should be for our body’s nourishment. Our body becomes ill because of our food we take, because of our lifestyle, or because of the dirty surrounding or the pollution aplenty around us.

  10. Clint Andrew says:

    Nice entry. But majority of us isn’t contented on what we have. And i’m counting myself to this majority.

  11. napaisip aq after reading this, I should be more health conscious:) well said

  12. Everything happens for a reason .Some poeple are abusive of their body ,drink ,smoke and the end result will come back to them .sickness will strike healhy and exercise .i pitty the kids who got sick because of the parents.

  13. edmaration says:

    well that’s the reason why that condition is rare because the gland is very small to be affected. It would be a challenging thesis looking for the answer for my MAN degree if God permits me to attain the degree

  14. Kathy Ngo says:

    everything matters … small or big … it all matters and it all happens for a reason …

  15. thanks for sharing and its soo inspiring 🙂

  16. I agree with the final statement. No matter how the impact is, let us still appreciate what God has done and given to us.

  17. chrisair says:

    very agree with you

  18. jared's mum says:

    that was a great analogy, comparing a diminutive adrenal glad to how we are important in the bigger scheme of things, very thought of. i love this post, thanks for sharing ^_^

  19. Jonathan says:

    So true, keep this in mind,

    It’s always the little things that bear the most weight, because they set the tone for big things to happen. A house cannot stand without it’s foundation, but without the foundation there will be no house. Yet only the house can be seen.

  20. so… there’s no such thing, big or small as insignificant. every little ones has its purpose to you and your life. appreciate everything and ponder upon some not-so-cool things that comes along – they sure be bringing you better ones after all

  21. kiko says:

    good thought though, but better research for us readers hehehe…

  22. It’s always the BP that makes me tremble. I don’t know why.
    And this is the first time that I’ve heard something like that. I mean the BP problem.

    By the way, your last statement reminds me to be thankful always on everything 🙂
    Thank You for that 🙂

  23. Nancy says:

    I am very impressed! Well first at how the almost impossible can still obviously be possible. That word Pheochromocytoma sounds so scary, by the way.

    And two, you have a very unique and impressive way of reminding us on how we should value things in our life – big or small. 🙂

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