Work Hazards and The Significance of Supportive Loved Ones

Being exposed to different diseases and having to do tasks which require physical  strength, predisposes a nurse to different hazards.

Being physically stressed, our immune system gets compromised. Exposed to different diseases, with a low immune system is  not good. This is a sad reality that health care workers have to battle with everyday at work.

Vitamins, lots of rest and sleep help a lot. So If you are a spouse of a healthcare worker, make sure that you give your partners time to rejuvenate and recover from stress at work.

Yesterday, my low back pain started to interrupt with my work. Thanks to my ever loving husband who volunteered to do a gentle massage on my back. A surprising gesture like this can give a very stressed person comfort and feeling of security that even if work often gets tough and rough, there would always be someone waiting for us at home to give us love and lots of love!!!!

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2 Responses to Work Hazards and The Significance of Supportive Loved Ones

  1. Violy says:

    I can’t wait for that time when I will go home and I will have my kids kisses and my husband’s back massage!! Looking forward to! 😉 I’m still single and living alone.. Hoping to change my scenario real soon.. Goodluck to me.. 😉

  2. take it easy Sis 🙂 take some pain reliever 🙂 glad your husband gives you a massage, so sweettt

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