Hi everyone!

It’s been quite some time since my last post in this blog…Sorry about that.. I’ve  been kind of really busy lately. But now I’m back and you will be seeing more of me every week…i mean everyday if possible..

During the time that I haven’t been able to visit my blog, my mind kept on thinking that I would post about this and I would write about that…etc. And now that I’m back I hope you won’t mind if you will be reading about some medical topics, not necessarily personal experiences of mine but conditions that are somewhat related to my work as a nurse.

This morning I attended a seminar about “Caring for Caregivers”. The speaker tackled about the stress we encounter daily at work, what makes your life stressful? Is it yourself, your family or your work.

I would like to share to you some interesting information about the topics discussed on the seminar, so if your interested then click here on the Seminar.Until my next post!!!Thanks God bless…..

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One Response to I’M BACK!!!

  1. welcome back to blog world my friend, keep posting

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