A Very Happy Yet Sad Experience

Last Monday, I and my family decided to have an overnight stay in one of the beaches in Samal island.. It was our first time to spend overnight with just me, my husband and our two kids..

Everything was well planned, we had our tent set up , ordered food from the resto and had it delivered to us near the beach. It was a very relaxing day, the kids had so much fun… Our hearts felt so happy to see our two kids running along the shore, playing with little waves that reach their feet, laughing out loud. Later, we too joined the fun, we played tag, built a sand castle, everything that can be done under the sun, we had it all that day. It was indeed a time to treasure.

Finally, when the kids were so tired of playing, they took a shower and went to sleep. It was around 6 am when we woke up, changed to our swim wear again and went to the beach because we really wanted to make the most of our time in the beach while the sun isn’t so hot yet. After breakfast, we walked to the playground and took some pics while the kids played around. We also went around their mini zoo where the kids saw lots of different species of birds. A happy moment indeed.

We were ready to go home at around 9am, so we leisurely walked back to our table. Then we noticed a crew running to the shore holding a bag valve mask (the one used for introducing air to a patient). It was then that I realized that someone was on CPR.  We ran near  the area but we couldn’t get through the so many people surrounding it.

We didn’t want our kids to witness what was happening so my husband escorted them to our table. I was so uneasy because as a nurse, I felt like I needed to go back and see what I can do to help, so I went back.

I was comforted when I found out that there were already six doctors around. I asked the nurse if they had materials for venoclysis or emergency drugs like adrenaline perhaps, but I was disappointed that they had none, not even diphenhydramine for anaphylactic shock with jellyfish or insect bites.

I sort of felt that the time was so thin and it had been almost 20mins of trying to revive him. The doctors were doing all they could to bring him back while waiting for the advanced help which was still on their way, considering that we were on an island. Painful and unexpected as it was, they had to pronounce him dead after almost 30mins of CPR..

The entire beach resort seemed to mourn for that man. Not a single person could afford to smile that day. They were talking about how things happened so fast, they couldn’t believe that a man can drown in a  thigh high sea level, since it was still low tide then. The doctors believed that the immediate cause of death was heart attack and not drowning though.

It was supposed to be a happy time for everyone but that day begged to differ, It was a realization for us that death doesn’t choose time and place, it can come to you anytime, in any place.

We went home feeling heavy hearted. It was a perfect day that didn’t end so well. I’m still thankful though that we had a great and happy  bonding with the kids before that happened, because it would have been a lot different had it happened before we could even have fun.

I pray for God’s comfort for the family that man left behind and may he rest in peace with God in heaven.

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8 Responses to A Very Happy Yet Sad Experience

  1. Glad the kids had a great time, and loved the “play tag” part.
    So sad about the man. May God comfort his family and send them peace.
    Also, hope the same for you.
    May you never know when we will leave this Earth. I lost a cousin 2 years ago on this very day.

  2. JoMi says:

    People come and go… We are only strangers in this world. I felt sad when I read this post, I just hope we have the power to bring someone’s life back… Unfortunately, it is appointed unto men once to die, after this the judgement… Tnx for sharing!

  3. raeljustin says:

    I agree with you Jomi…I always wished that i have the supernatural power to bring back life,but I guess that won’t happen coz I’m not God. And yes, we are destined to die someday so let us make the most out of the so short a time given to us. Have a happy and contented life. God bless

  4. Jenn says:

    That has to be hard–and I think I can understand why many were sad afterwards. At least you and your family had fun first and were able to take away some good memories. I think you are right–when it is our time to be called home–it is our time and it will happen at precisely the moment it is supposed to.

    May he rest in peace and his family find comfort knowing he was called home.

  5. oh no… this is so saddening. i feel you. my family trips are very important to me as well as i don’t get to spend much time with them coz of work. of all things that could happen, ito pa. i pray for that man’s soul and for his family as well.

  6. Mai Yang says:

    I felt so bad 😦

    I will pray for his soul.

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