Advantages and Disadvantages of Shifting Schedules

Unlike in regular office hours which is from 8-5pm, nurses and other workers on 24-hour establishments/institutions have shifting schedules. Our shifts are 7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm, 11pm-7am.

Let me start with the advantages. For those working from 8am-5pm, they will have all the time with their families at night. They can spend time with their kids, assist them in their home works. They can watch their favorite TV series aired at night and most of all they can always sleep at night time. For those who are working on shifting hours, since they are usually free during office hours, they will have the time to transact on offices, pay their bills, go to the bank and the like. They too can accompany their kids during school activities without having to file for a leave of absence. And most especially, they will have the chance to relax at home when all the people have gone to work and the kids are in school.

Basically the disadvantages are the opposite of what were mentioned above. Like if you are in a regular 8am-5pm work, you won’t have the time to transact business with offices since they also have the same time of work as yours. So by the time you go home, they have already closed. To be able to join your kids school activities, you must file for a leave of absence ahead of time. For us nurses, I think the greatest disadvantage is to have to go to work when you should stay home and spend time with your family (I’m referring to 3pm and 11pm shifts). Another thing is that, during holidays and weekends, when everybody is free, we nurses have to go to work as scheduled because we do not have permanent days off. Lucky for us if our day off happens to fall on a holiday or weekend, there we can plan to go to church and perhaps go  to the mall with the kids.

If given the choice, I would prefer to work on regular working hours because my kids are still young. I would love to be with them and their dad at night time. But, what can I do, God called me to become a be it.. Praise God anyway!

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2 Responses to Advantages and Disadvantages of Shifting Schedules

  1. You’re right. What else can we do but make the most of the time we get to have with our kids? I, too, man the night shift. Grave yard ang shift ko for almost two years now, and I don’t see any chance of me getting “promoted” to the day shift. But no complaints there. Indeed, God is good. At least mayroon tayong pinagkakakitaan para masuportahan ang mga pangangailangan ng ating mga kids. 😀

  2. Mai says:

    thank you for sacrificing your time and serving our nation 🙂

    hands down to all nurses!

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