Worm Phobia

I had a really gross experience in my 5 years as a nurse today. This perhaps is the most disgusting surprise in my life as a health care provider.

While we were changing a patient’s diaper, there we saw around 20 matured ascaris tangled together like spaghetti( my excuse for those who are eating..) No wonder she had really foul smelling breath. God forgive me but, i couldn’t help myself from running away instinctively. I wasn’t ready for what i saw, it was really gross.

I really hate worms, count them as the number one in my phobia list. You can show me hundreds of cockroaches or thousands of rats, i wouldn’t mind, but show me just one earthworm and i would be running away from it faster than you can imagine, that’s how scarred I am with worms…eeeww..

It was only when my nurse partner asked me to come back to help him out, that  I realized I had a phobia attack… lol… very unlikely of a nurse… But thank God I was able to gather myself and went back to help.

I just wish that i won’t be dreaming about it tonight, cause it sure will become a nightmare… I also hope that the worms wont look for any other orifice to come out from cause it will surely endanger the life of the patient… She has to live because she just gave birth to a baby boy and the child needs her mother.

I feel sorry for feeling this way…it was the worms that I hated not her…

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4 Responses to Worm Phobia

  1. Hilda says:

    Ewwww, I hate ascaris, they look disgusting.
    Was it moving??
    I thought you said that you need to change a patient’s diaper, so I assumed it was a Alzheimer patient or some other patient with neurological disorder. I didn’t know you have to change a pregnant ladies’ diaper
    Holy cow, i feel so sorry for the baby that have to come out of her along with all those worms ewww.

    • raeljustin says:

      hi Hilda! (lol) guess what i changed her diaper again, but this time there were no worms…ovas perhaps!She actually was a postpartum patient with guillain barre disease..Her condition is not so good. Well, i'm glad to know that i'm not alone with feeling eeww with those worm hahaha Thanks for sparing some time to read and post a comment on my page. I apologize for the late reply. Again, i appreciate your feedbacks on my posts so much. Godbless you.

  2. lily says:

    how ’bout maggots on a diabetic foot? #lols.

    Godbless :))

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