When a Nurse Gets Sick, Who Will Take Care of Them?

Yesterday, during my 3-11pm shift,  I had  one of the scariest shift  in my nursing career. At around 6pm, I started feeling dizzy, then after wards, I felt cold… I  checked my temperature… it was 38.5°C… I was  starting to shiver then.

I usually feel in control when I’m on duty, I have to because I am taking care of lives and these patients depend on us nurses because we are the ones who are beside them all the time to assess for any problem and to attend to their needs. But, yesterday was different, I almost lost it. I felt like I was gonna pass out anytime. I kept on praying… “Please God,  give me strength,  heal me”. God sent an angel, I was so glad that my nurse partner brought paracetamol with him because I didn’t want the hassle of going to the emergency room for check.

I hate the feeling of being weak and out of control, so I took my dinner, drank plenty of water and went on with my task… I was still feeling dizzy and cold but my mind kept telling me to move so that I would have my attention focus elsewhere…. I think that our mind is indeed more powerful than our body.. I was able to finish my task and endorse my patients to the next shift.

They usually say that nurses can’t afford to get sick, because if that happens, who will take care of the sick in the hospital.. I guess, they were joking (lol)…

This morning, I’m still feeling sick. I still have this fever and headache. But I know that God will heal me and give me strength to report to work this afternoon.

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2 Responses to When a Nurse Gets Sick, Who Will Take Care of Them?

  1. Hilda says:

    As a future health-care provider, I was always told “before you can care for the sick, you must take of yourself first.” I understand that caring for others can be such a strong passion to the point of overcoming your body’s need for rest, but this can be extremely detrimental to your health. Stress can lower your immune system’s ability to fight off germs, and you definitely need a strong immune system working in the hospital. Even though it may see like a turn off to ask for a break or a day off from work because of some issues with your health, but everyone who is a health-care provider understands that quality patient care comes from a healthy person. I strongly urge you to take a break from this busy schedule and get some rest so you will be healthy and energetic for your next shift.
    BTW I always visit your blog and love reading your stories, they’re very entertaining and inspirational, keep up the good work.

    ~God bless 🙂

    • raeljustin says:

      I guess your right Hilda, my body’s been shouting for a break since time immemorial(lol).. I really appreciate your advice, thank you for reading my posts, your inspire me a lot. Godbless

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