On a Dayoff but Still in a Hospital…

Yesterday, we took our 8-year old daughter to her pediatrician due to recurrent high grade fever. Based on her laboratory results (CBC, urinalysis), her doctor advised for admission. Because she’d been having fever for three days and had poor appetite, she had to start on venoclysis for her hydration…

Now we are here in the hospital observing her. Our daughter was diagnosed of dengue fever vs systemic viral infection…We are very anxious since it’s her second admission due to dengue fever, the last was two years ago, she was only 6 years old then. Based on what I know, it would be more dangerous to have the same illness for the second time.

I’m just happy she’s stronger now than she was during her first admission, but still we can’t be so sure of her real status, not until her latest lab results would confirm she’s fine alright.

I hope she gets well soon so that she can go back to school again, I don’t want her to miss a lot of lessons. I know that God has a reason for this, we are just very thankful that her illness has a cure and doesn’t need an invasive procedure.. Thank you God, bless her please….

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