Two Ways Of Dying

I observed that there are two ways of dying. One way is to die painfully but quickly and the other one is to die slowly, maybe not as painful as the first one but agonizingly slow.

Cases such as vehicular accidents, stroke-the hemorrhagic type, myocardial infarction (heart attack) and the like belong to the first way.  While chronic cases such as diabetes mellitus, end stage renal disease, cancer, connective tissue diseases, blood dyscrasias and etc belong to the second way.

To others, dying quickly is an inconvenience, because one won’t have the chance to repent and ask for forgiveness, so they would prefer the second way.  On the contrary, others would consider those who die quick very lucky, not that they want to die too, but they don’t want to suffer, as well as they don’t want their families to see them suffer. But, you see, it’s never in our hands to decide which way is which.   I believed that there is a reason why some die quick yet others have to go through suffering first.

For me, it really doesn’t matter how we should die, what is important is that if the time comes we would be prepared… That is why we have to make the best of everything in every single day given to us.  Like they always say, “live your life like there’s no tomorrow.”

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