I had a busy shift yesterday….I mean, a really busy shift…. A post operative patient was brought to us straight from the operating room… admitting diagnosis, repeat exploratory laparotomy, hartmann’s procedure, septic shock, diabetes mellitus,…well, never mind knowing what that is, one thing’s for sure,her status is not good… She was an additional case that needs to be monitored closely…We had 7 patients yesterday, all of them needed close monitoring. If I can  only duplicate myself, i could have done that yesterday when i had to jump from one patient to the other.I didn’t know how to divide my time just to be able to attend to all their needs..If there were only not just the two of us, things could have been a little easier..

I know that we are dealing with lives, but we also have limitations. As the saying goes “We’re only humans and we can only do so much”…An 8-hour shift seems so short to be able to finish all the things that need to be done.

I just did everything to the best that i can. Thank God  i was able to finish my task on time, but i went home heavy hearted because i knew that one of my patient’s might not make it to sunlight. How i hope I’m wrong.May God bless and heal them all.

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