HEALTH is Indeed Wealth

I remember a very humbling experience about a year ago when I and my family got sick of Pneumonia.

Prior to that, I was so driven to earn money so that I’d be able to buy things, material things….I went to the extent of going out of town right after a night shift just to conduct meeting with our business partners. It went like that for like a month.. I totally forgot about my health and my family’s as well…

God must have wanted me to realize things when my husband and my daughter got ill…. It could have been okay but after a day, I started to feel untoward symptoms as well. I had to apply for a sick leave.

The following day, A physician of the City Health office visited us… They said that they were conducting studies of illnesses with flu like symptoms on our village. They advised us to stay at home for two weeks. I smelled something fishy and felt that they weren’t telling us everything, so I told them that I was a nurse and politely asked what was up. But they remained firm with their reason…it was just a routine study.

My instinct was right, there was really a more serious reason for their visit… one of our neighbors died of the H1N1 virus.. I was so afraid that we also had the same… But the tests showed otherwise…But still we all had to suffer 5 days of body malaise, difficulty of breathing and fever. Plus, we had to finish one week of antibiotics.

It made me realize that health cannot be replaced by any tangible thing no matter how expensive it may be. Thank God we all recovered.

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