Dont Blame it on the woman, blame it on the reckless driver!!!

There are just people who are tactless…I and my family were riding a jeep when we passed through a minor vehicular accident… The passenger(a man) beside me said to me, “A woman was driving the car, that’s why”… I was shocked by his guts to comment like that while talking to a woman. Was he really talking to me?…Well, my feminist side couldn’t resist to answer him, “What about it if a woman was driving”… I was really pissed of.. Why do men have this notion that in a vehicular accident, whenever they see that a woman was the driver of one of the cars involved, they would always blame it on the lady driver.

For me, this is a very chauvinistic mindset..For the record, in my 5 years of working as a nurse, 80 percent of my patients who were admitted due to vehicular accident or crush were men.

Women are careful,patient and defensive drivers.Those who get irritated ( be it a man or a woman) with them on the road are those who are arrogant, impatient and reckless drivers.

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