Welcome to “the Jungle”

A nurses’ life here in the Philippines is tough, especially in public  hospitals. I work in a 1,200 bed capacity  tertiary hospital, we call it   “the jungle”, not that it looks like one, in fact it’s newly renovated and  far presentable than it was before. But to work as a nurse in this kind of big institution, one should be as enduring and flexible as a bamboo tree.

In my workplace, a ward nurse has to endure a 2:50-110 nurse to patient ratio. I’m just a little bit lucky I am assigned in an ICU where we have a 2:8nurse-patient ratio only. But that does not mean that life in an ICU is a lot less stressful compared to ward units, it’s actually just the same jungle as we call it, stress intensity to the highest level all the same.

I remember a newly hired nurse, who happens to be my friend, complaining of how toxic her life in the ward is. Maybe because she is new, she doesn’t have the system to be efficient in her work yet. Well, I so very much know how she feels, I’ve been there too, maybe I even had worse. But I know she will get the hang of it soon. I believe that Filipino nurses are  tough and flexible, they can get through whatever situation they may face.

I salute my fellow nurses in  our hospital. Life may be so tiring for us at work but i know a greener pasture is waiting for us in the future, lets just be patient and continue to give justice to our calling.

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