Another Year in My Life

June 16, 1977. That was the day I was born. Today is June 16, 2011, it been 34 yr s now… yeah, only 34 years but why do I feel like a hundred years old. I feel like I’ve had so much, I feel like I need to rest. I mean don’t I deserve to? Every time I go to sleep, I feel so burned out that I would wish that I could sleep forever, or at least for as long as I want. Is that too much to ask? I guess you have to not mind what I’m saying coz that’s the other me talking.

The real me wants to thank my Creator for another year, another chance to prove my worth to be His daughter, another year to repent and rebuke my shortcomings and my weaknesses. I want to thank Him for always forgiving me from my daily imperfections and selfish actions. To my Creator, thank you because even if I don’t deserve it, you never fail to protect me and comfort me. To you be the Glory always.

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