An encounter with the City Mayor

4/09/11 11:30pm
This AM i met for the first time Davao city’s mayor Inday Sarah. She visited a patient who happened to be her friend… just for courtesy, I went near near them just in case she had some questions.. I had all the answer to her possible questions prepared in my mind… I was kind of confident and prepared for the first question.. I waited patiently in between brief and careful glances on her face. i was mesmerized by how pretty and fragile she looks and yet exudes an aura of confidence and strength… my,she’s really so pretty…then she looked at me and spoke… “How’s she”, referring to her friend…I immediately composed my answer and started…”Shes ok so far Doc..” then i heard some laughs at the background and i realized what i just said…I would have been embarrassed for calling her doc if not for her very comforting answer..”Its ok, i like that” showing the prettiest smile ever…
My day ended quite well…it was a good day and a memorable one..

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