the endorsement

this is a case of a 33 year old nurse… by profession, who wishes to tell you more about her life and how she feels everyday of her life in a hospital.

She wants to tell you how difficult it is to feel numb and helpless about situations beyond her painful it is to see people mourn…to see people tell their loved ones to hang on…to beg their loved ones not to leave them… she wants to shout to the world how bitter and unfair life can be to others..

In a third world  country like ours, we have limited choices, we have to settle and make do of whats available and what we can afford..its a shame, but that’s how life is here…

….and this is what this blog is all about….a window to a nurses’ soul…a vent of a bleeding heart…. an outlet to keep her sanity intact…. would you be willing to listen?…can i tell you more?……

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One Response to the endorsement

  1. ralph says:

    welcome to the world of blog… hope to see more posts. God bless.

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